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Welcome to Fancy Munchkin Kitten. We dedicate our lives to the breeding of munchkin cats for sale for any family who is caring and loving who needs to add our beautiful fur babies to their lives. Because, our kittens are well-behaved and well-trained to fit into any family with kids, dogs, and other pets. Getting a munchkin kitten from our cattery will mean getting a loving and passionate friend or partner for the rest of your lives.

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We breed and raise cats and kittens with short legs in our cattery, producing shorts with curly and straight hair. They are loved, cared for, prayed, and blessed from the day they are born.

Good Health

Good Temperament, Good-natured, well-mannered, quiet kittens. They are ready and available for new homes no earlier than at the age of 12 weeks. Adopt Scottish fold kittens Today! we deliver it the next day.

Refund Policy

On the sales agreement contract given which is legally binding. Details the refund policy ways and every step needed. You will get refunds if after you receive the kitten and discover it has some health-related complications.

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2 Months Old


2 Months old

Sandy & Cindy
Sandy & Cindy

2 Month Old


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What clients are say

Olivia Kevinson

"You guys are legendary! You guys are great and having amazing support & service. I couldn’t ask for any better. Thank you!"

Olivia Kevinson Houston, TX
Mitchell Harris

Best website i've seen so far and their services are just the best. i recommend them anytime i bought my kitten from them and she is doing perfectly well thanks.

Mitchell Harris Nashville,TN
Julia Cloe

I can't talk much but thank you for the wonderful and loving friend you guys gave to me , he is just the best for me and he came when i needed him the most thanks for being trustworthy.

Julia Cloe Los Angeles,CA