• On the sales agreement contract given which is legally binding. Details the refund policy ways and every step needed. You will get refunds if after you receive the kitten and discover it has some health-related complications.
  • In the event that the Veterinarian discovers any health problem with the Pet. That the Seller has not disclosed to the Buyer prior to the purchase and sale of the Pet/Animal. The Buyer shall have the right to return the Pet/Animal and have a full refund.
  • In case you change your mind after a reservation fee payment. The 50% of what you paid as reservations will be refunded. And 50% for me for compensation for me losing out on other customers which makes it fair on both ends by the refund policy.
  • In refund policy, our kittens or cats come with a 30day health guarantee. If within this period of 20 days of purchase the pet dies from a critical injury the owner can ask for a refund. The kitten can be returned for a full refund or replaced the kitten with another kitten or cat with an equal value or retain the kitten and access towards the medical bills without exceeding the purchasing fees of the kitten.
  • If none of these options applies for the munchkin kitten for sale pet where a seller has provided the pet owner health certificate of the pet by a veterinarian, the Scottish fold kitten for sale owner must ask for a refund for the purchase of the kitten by our refund policy.

Just like many websites, we also keep log files for log visitors on the site. As a result, the information log usually contains internet protocol, browser type, internet service provider’s name, and designation, date/time. The potential number of page clicks, and geographical SCOTTISH FOLD KITTEN FOR SALE location of the user. Those pieces of information MUNCHKIN CAT FOR SALE are mainly used for analyzing trends and tracking. The movement of the user and administrating the site, providing new MUNCHKIN KITTEN FOR SALE shelters to the users if needed. And your date SHROT LEG KITTEN FOR SALE remains safe and confidential with us.